Sunday, August 27, 2006

There's no doubt about it that if you put your imagination to work, nothing need be impossible.
Optimism and determination - that's all that is needed.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Sensitive skin

Well we're off to a flying start here on the advice front. I mentioned skin problems and what happens:
I received a call just a few hours ago,
"Alice! He's covered in a rash! He resembles a boiled beetroot and he is blaming ME!"

Now that's my very dear friend Sue all over. PANIC! She's found herself a new man, she's settling him into her routine and before any of us have even found out what his surname is she's knee deep in domestic chaos. It appears that he (and I can't even remember his first name....there have been so many flitting in and out of her front door) has developed an allergy.
I asked her to describe the problem he seems to be facing not to go into all the details here but as far as his complexion is concerned, he's gone from pink to purple and he's not too happy about it. It seems to be connected with his shaving habits and I have assured Sue that she surely cannot be blamed for that.

Fortunately, I have just been flicking through my copy of a wonderful catalogue. It's stuffed full of.........stuff! Good stuff. Traditional stuff. Stuff that we probably saw quite regularly as we grew up but then, as time passed and we all grew busy and forgot about things, this stuff disappeared. Well, the lovely people who produce the Manufactum catalogue have located a lot of it again and what did I find......a whole section on wonderful traditional shaving systems. I found a shaving cream called 'Musgo Real which Eases and Appeases'. It has been around since 1920 which is a lot longer than her latest man. I suggested that she should order a tube as soon as possible. I shall let you know the outcome.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Yes world, I am here to answer all your queries......

.....well a girl has to earn a living somehow, doesn't she!

I am an absolute WEALTH of information, advice, talent and expertise........that is according to my friends and colleagues. Oh so many hours have been spent mulling over the trials and tribulations of life...and how it doesn't work the way we would want it to. Now add to that the trials and tribulations of..let us say...getting a flat tire mended without damaging your extensions, how to unblock all the gunk in the drain (it happens to the best of us), what accessories to wear with a partner who has a tendency towards acne....and you can see where the problems just mount up. STRESS, STRESS, STRESS!

Well girls (and I'm sure the odd guy will be flitting in to view this site on a REGULAR basis, won't you, boys) this is where all those tricky questions will be answered. This is the place to DESTRESS!

Welcome to the World of Alice